4-Week Reading Course

The goal of reading is to be able to understand written text (aka: comprehension). 

There are 4 skills that need to be intact for comprehension to happen: 

  • Phonological Awareness (sounds), 
  • Phonics (letter/sound match), 
  • Fluency (speed/prosody), 
  • Vocabulary

Often times when students struggle with reading they do not have a solid foundation in phonological awareness and/or phonics. 

The goal of my program is to identify reading needs, through assessments, and then customize 20 lessons based on that data. These lessons will be facilitated by a family member from the comforts of home. *


The program begins with a thorough assessment of Phonological Awareness skills, letter recognition, letter/sound knowledge and phonics. There is an initial assessment fee which is then applied to the total.

Targeted Practice:

With data from the assessment, the family will be provided with customized, targeted lessons to work on for 15-20 minutes daily.* 

Included in the lessons are daily phonological awareness  and phonics practice, printable materials, and online practice for reinforcement and fun. 

Coaching Calls:

Included in the program are four, 20-minute Zoom calls to check in and ask questions. 

Post Assessments: 

At the conclusion of the 20 lesson course, is the final assessment of Phonological Awareness skills, letter recognition, and letter/sound knowledge. At that time, families can decide to continue with more lessons.

*There is an option to have a virtual tutor facilitate these lessons for an additional fee.

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