My name is Kathleen.

I am a wife, mom, & educator.

I have been teaching in the public school system for the past 14 years, twelve of those years in grades 1 & 2. Each year I spent an abundant amount of time trying to figure out why a handful of my students were not making reading progress, despite their hard work. That was when I decided to seek out answers and found my passion along the journey.

After years of structured literacy and dyslexia training, I am here to share my knowledge and support students and their families. I am a certified Orton Gillingham teacher who uses multisensory reading strategies to help struggling readers and/or those diagnosed with dyslexia.

I am passionate about helping all readers feel successful. You see, reading is not a skill we are born with, but we have to learn. I believe it is my calling to educate others on how to teach students to read. Yes, some are natural readers and pick it up quickly. Others do not and require direct, explicit instruction. Early intervention is critical.

The ability to read is said to have a major impact on a child’s future. Please join me in making sure all students have a bright future through learning to read.

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